Sequencing services designed for scale

Go from samples to biological insights with our industrial-scale genome sequencing services. We'll handle DNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing, and data processing, so you can focus on results.

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Go from sample to ready-to-use data with Gencove's end-to-end sequencing services

Cost Effective Sequencing

Cost-effective and high-throughput sequencing

We provide both low-pass sequencing, which enables measurement of an entire genome at similar or lower prices to a genotyping array, and high-coverage sequencing, for comprehensive variant discovery.

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Flexible Lab Requirement

Flexible lab requirements

We have partner labs around the world that accept different sample types and maintain different regulatory classifications. Want to send us primary tissue? We'll handle DNA extraction and library preparation. Need a lab environment with CLIA/CAP certifications? We're prepared to handle clinical samples in addition to research samples.


A comprehensive set of deliverables

We deliver data through the Gencove platform, so you get a range of deliverables from raw FASTQs to comprehensive quality control statistics to variant calls, all accessible through our easy-to-use web dashboard, command line interface, and/or API.

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Provide us with biological samples and get....

DNA extraction

We accept input types of DNA blood, saliva, FFPE samples, or plant/animal tissue.

Library preparation

Cost-effective and high-throughput library preparation methods.

Standard References

Sequencing platforms optimized for throughput and cost.

Reference Panel

Deliverables through the Gencove platform.