The integrated solution for genomic data generation, analysis, and management

Gencove is shortening the path from samples to solutions

Genotyping at scale is resource and expertise intensive, making the journey to delivering actionable insights more complicated.

We want to help deliver the solutions that will advance global health and sustainability.

  • Predict genomic risk of disease

  • Discover & identify genetic traits

  • Identify ancestry

  • Identify parentage, relatedness & breed

  • Improve traits

From samples to solutions

To deliver these insights, Gencove has built a flexible, end-to-end platform for the generation, management, and analysis of genetic data.

Genomics cloud

The next revolution in genomics will be driven by software. The Gencove genomics cloud is unlocking the value of genetic data and reducing time to answer, with reliable imputation & bioinformatics pipelines and advanced cloud analytics & data management tools.

We empower data science teams to achieve more by abstracting away data processing, removing the need for infrastructure management, and reducing operational complexity.

Leverage Explorer analysis cloud to enable simple and scalable data analytics

Gencove Explorer is a cloud-based tertiary genomics computing solution, built to enable scientists to organize, analyze, and visualize their genomic datasets all in one place.

Embrace the efficiency of Shortcuts for common bioinformatics workflows

Use Shortcuts, a library of built in methods for common genomic analyses, to fast track:

  • Merging, filtering, and annotating VCFs

  • Calculating genotype discordance

  • Performing genome-wide association studies

  • Developing and calculating polygenic risk scores

Access the expertise of Gencove’s data science team

  • Consultative on-ramp project with dedicated data science support

Robust cloud infrastructure without the hassle

  • Scalable compute cluster with private storage

  • Flexible, genomics oriented, with an easy-to-use interface and native integration to Gencove datasets

Check out our blog for a deep dive into how Explorer analysis cloud simplifies genomic data analysis, or dig further into the documentation here.
Manage genetic data through scalable, repeatable and secure pipelines

Focus on results, not managing pipelines and workflows

  • Read alignment
  • Imputation
  • Variant calling
  • Breed analysis
  • Quality control
  • Sample metadata store

Access your data in the way that works for you and your team

  • Web, CLI and API access
  • Third party integrations like S3 buckets and BaseSpace

Dig into the documentation here

Plug your sequencer into the Gencove cloud

Flexibility and ease of use with a sequencer agnostic approach

  • Transfer raw sequencing data from any sequencing instrument to the cloud

Reduce the headaches that come with transferring data to the cloud

  • Demultiplex base calls into FASTQ files
  • Perform sequencing run-level quality control
  • Automatic downstream analysis kick off


The Gencove team has led the charge on the utilization and adoption of low-pass whole genome sequencing, showing time and time again its utility across a range of use cases.

We are laser focused on maximizing the value and power of your samples, and are here to help you choose the right genotyping method and instrument for the job.

Scalable and cost-effective sequencing

Sequencing services designed for scale

  • Low-pass sequencing for the power of whole genome sequencing at the price of an array
  • High-coverage sequencing for comprehensive variant discovery
  • Innovative approaches like low-pass WGS plus capture across a range of species

Flexible and adaptable lab requirements

  • Partner labs around the world that accept different sample types and maintain regulatory classifications
  • Capability to handle both clinical and research samples
A comprehensive set of deliverables

Seamless and durable data delivery

  • Data delivered through the Gencove platform
  • Range of deliverables from raw FASTQs to comprehensive quality control statistics to variant calls
  • Easy-to-use web dashboard, command line interface, and/or API

Assay development

The team in the Gencove lab are here to help at the start of the journey from samples to solutions, with expertise in library preparation and in the design & use of custom probes for targeted sequencing.

Lab expertise for custom solutions

Custom probe design for target capture at critical sites

  • Access a lab team with extensive experience designing and selecting for a higher-fidelity analysis at key loci

Cost-effective and high-throughput library preparation methods

  • The Gencove team has developed a range of library preparation methods to keep costs down

Download our free guide to selecting the right library preparation kit for your next sequencing job

Value we deliver

The Gencove platform provides a suite of tools for generation, analysis, and management of genetic data.

Flexibility and customization at industrial scale

Gencove streamlines a complex process to build an automated, cohesive and efficient flow of data

Unlock genetic data value

Maximize data quality and power for your budget and goals

Supercharge your team

Do more with less and bridge resource gaps by putting innovative tools in your teams hands

Live on the cutting edge

Stay at the forefront of innovation with an expert team that navigates an ever changing space for you

Own and control your data

Retain full autonomy and ownership of your data, to ensure privacy and control over its usage