The analytics platform for low-pass sequencing

Go from FASTQs to biological insights with our scalable and easy-to-use cloud platform. Run genotype imputation, share results with colleagues, manage data, and integrate with our API for automation.

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The Gencove platform provides a suite of tools for analysis and management of low-pass sequencing data

Focus Results

Focus on your results, not managing pipelines and workflows

Genotype imputation, variant and CNV calling, ancestry or strain analysis, polygenic risk scores. They’re all here and ready to go. No need to manage pipelines or figure out how to optimize every setting in the bioinformatics tool chain—we’ve got you covered.

What you get >
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Enjoy the benefits of working in the cloud without the hassle

A fully managed end-to-end cloud platform to run automated analyses—all you need to do is upload FASTQs. Provisioning of cloud resources and data storage are all taken care of so you never have to worry about out-of-control costs.


Web, CLI, API: use the right tool for the job

You can access and work with your data in the way that suits you. Want to manually explore the data from your projects and spot-check individual samples? Use the web dashboard. Want to process or download data in bulk? We have a command-line interface. Or to build fully-automated workflows, integrate with our event-driven API.

Working in Cloud

Easily collaborate across your organization

Share data with collaborators with a fully-featured permissions system, invite members to your organization to run projects, and easily enable other analysts to access your results. Our versioned pipelines ensure you're always working together from the same data.

Provide us with FASTQ files and get....

Imputed VCFs

Genotypes at millions of genetic variants from your selected imputation reference panel

Aligned BAM files

Sequence alignments against the reference genome in a portable format

Standard References
A comprehensive library of reference panels

Best-in-class imputation panels for human, cattle, dog, cat, mouse, rat, soy, maize, tomato, and more

Reference Panel
Custom reference panel development

We'll help customize an imputation panel for your species or population of interest

QC Metrics
Quality control metrics

A suite of quality control measures to give you confidence in your sequencing data


For human samples, we provide ancestry estimates from a set of 26 reference populations

Breed/strain analysis

For non-human species, contact us about breed/strain analysis

Polygenic risk scores

For human samples, we provide PRS estimates for CAD, breast cancer, and prostate cancer