Population-scale, genome-wide information

The goal of human genomics is to identify genetic variants in the population that influence phenotypes, such as disease susceptibility or response to medical treatment. As the price of genomic data generation continues to decrease, the need for tools to manage and analyze genomic data has increased.

To get us closer to answering the many biological questions that remain, scientists need tools that simplify and accelerate the journey to those answers. Gencove's end-to-end approach to genomic data generation, analysis and management provides a path to the ubiquitous utilization of genetics in human health.

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The power and discovery capabilities of sequencing

  • Genome-wide association studies
  • New rare genetic variant discovery
  • Population genetic analysis
  • Biobank genomic profiling
  • Pharmacogenomics trials and research
  • Ancestry profiling
  • Disease risk detection and calculation
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A true end-to-end approach to genomics


Assay development

Our sequencing library preparation method is optimized for output and cost-efficiency, with additional expertise in the design & use of custom probes for targeted sequencing. Approaches are automated, scalable, and battle-tested.



We are laser focused on maximizing the value and power of your samples, and are here to help you choose the right genotyping method and instrument for the job. We have several options for sequencing your samples: in our lab, our network of service providers, we can help set up an in-house lab or you can directly upload a FastQ file to the Gencove platform.


Genomics cloud

The Gencove genomics cloud is unlocking value in genetic dataset and reducing time to answer, with scalable & repeatable bioinformatics pipelines and advanced data analytics and management tools. By abstracting away process and infrastructure complexity we are supercharging data science teams.

We are proud to be trusted by these leading academic institutions clinical laboratories, pharma companies, and service providers.

Boehringer Ingelheim
Broad Institute
Harvard University
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