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DNA sequencing has become the foundation for biological advancements by enabling exploration of genetic variants and structural changes in DNA. Consequently, demand for large-scale genomics is significantly increasing. Historically, processing DNA fell into two categories: low-throughput and costly options such as whole genome sequencing and high-throughput but limited technologies like genotyping arrays. Those two options are insufficient to help scientists make life-saving discoveries at the scale and pace needed.

That’s why we developed a new technology. Gencove combines low-pass whole genome sequencing (shallower DNA reads) with a proprietary software-as-a-service computation layer. The result is a hardware-agnostic, high-throughput, and cost-effective sequencing solution. With Gencove’s software, academic institutions, agriculture, biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies can now get complete genomic information.

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The next revolution in genomics will be driven by software

Hardware cost, speed and capacity are continually improving, however, the sequencing machines are only one part of the genomics equation. Sequencing large populations generates massive amounts of data. For genomics to be universally accessible, a software platform is needed to help interpret that data to support scientific discovery.

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We are biologists, geneticists, data scientists, engineers, and business leaders working with our customers, to help develop a software-based genomic technology to advance global health and sustainability.

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