A modern approach to genotyping

Improving genetics for traits like higher yield, drought tolerance, and disease susceptibility relies on translating genome wide information into screening and prediction tools for efficient breeding. Genotyping arrays, while cost-effective, only produce a small fraction of genomic information and require significant investment to update with new markers.

Combining Gencove’s low-pass sequencing, imputation pipelines, and advanced cloud analytics tools, provides a straightforward approach to imputing functional variant genotypes without the complexities of variant selection, probe design, and call training associated with developing SNP arrays.



Improve prediction accuracy to select the best in breed with whole genome data that are fully backward compatible as you update your markers.

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Take advantage of high-density markers to understand the population structure of your germplasm and evaluate new lines without the burden of developing a new microarray.

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Companion animals

Discover key loci associated with diseases by imputing millions of high-quality variants in a breed- or species-specific way.

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New populations & biodiversity

Develop genomic predictions for traits needed to conserve species with cost-effective, whole genome population genetics information and develop accurate genomic selection tools for new populations or species with a sequencing-based solution that minimizes up-front investment.

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Standard file formats, plus an end-to-end workflow with built-in flexibility, deliver the most important genomic information


Assay development

Our sequencing library preparation method is optimized for output and cost-efficiency, with additional expertise in the design & use of custom probes for targeted sequencing. Approaches are automated, scalable, and battle-tested.



We are laser focused on maximizing the value and power of your samples, and are here to help you choose the right genotyping method and instrument for the job. Utilize one of Gencove’s readily available reference panels, customize an available panel, or create a tailored panel for your species We have several options for sequencing your samples: in our lab, our network of service providers, we can help set up an in-house lab or you can directly upload a FastQ file to the Gencove platform.


Genomics cloud

Receive high-quality genotypes and explore other analysis offerings, such as trait scores, CNV analysis, and microbiome characterization. By abstracting away process and infrastructure complexity we are supercharging data science teams to get to these answers faster.

We are proud to be trusted by leading plant and animal companies and the largest genomic service providers in the industry