Accelerating your journey from samples to solutions

Gencove is unlocking the value of genetic data, enabling the most ambitious applications of genomics across industries

Gencove is delivering the insights that will advance global health and sustainability with end-to-end solutions to:

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Predict genetic risk of disease

With polygenic risk score calculation and inherited disease detection

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Discover novel genetic associations

Through genome-wide association studies and rare variant identification

Identify ancestry

From a set of 26 reference populations

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Identify parentage, relatedness & breed

Compare genomic results against a reference sample

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Improve traits

Through trait introgression and genomic selection

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Introducing Explorer analysis cloud

Gencove is accelerating the journey to actionable insights with Explorer analysis cloud, a data analytics and management approach for hassle-free genomic data processing and querying.

Explorer allows scientists to focus on answering biological questions, not managing complex computational infrastructure or reinventing known bioinformatics workflows

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Solutions across species

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Human genomics

The Gencove platform enables the power of whole genome sequencing at the price of a genotyping array.

  • Design target assays for population health screening
  • Run high-powered genome-wide association studies
  • Predict genetic risk of disease
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Plant and animal genomics

The Gencove platform unifies high- and medium-density genotyping into a single scalable, flexible, and low-cost assay.

  • Profile genetic variation across an entire population
  • Predict breeding values or key traits
  • Track trait introgression with targeted assays
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Trusted by industry leaders

Weizmann Institute of Science
University of Oxford
Element Biosciences

Gencove's integrated platform is shortening the pathway from samples to solutions:

At Gencove we are focused on providing scientist with solutions that will get them the answers to their questions faster, with less hassle and at the right price

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Flexibility and customization at scale

Streamline a complex process into an automated, cohesive, and efficient dataflow

Unlock value of genetic data

Maximize information density and power within your budget and goals

Supercharge your team

Automate routine processes to keep your team focused on value-building activities

Live on the cutting edge

Let our expert team navigate the ever-changing genomics space for you

Own and control your data

Retain full autonomy and ownership of your data, ensuring privacy and control