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More power and flexibility

Gencove’s low-pass sequencing platform is setting the new standard for high-throughput genomics research and diagnostics applications across species.

Get access to whole genome information at the cost of genotyping arrays.

Over 99% accurate genome-wide information for every sample

Similar or lower cost than existing assays

Ready for enterprise and large-scale production applications

Easy to set up, customize and update

Easy to combine with target assays

Scientific expertise and support

Human Genomics

Human Genomics

Human Genomics

High power for discovery

High imputation quality from low-pass sequencing enables high-powered genome-wide association and fine-mapping studies

More possibilities for downstream analysis

Low-pass sequencing allows for highly accurate risk score calculations, ancestry analysis, CNV calling, and more

Upgrade any targeted assays

Low-pass sequencing can be combined in a single workflow with other assays like targeted panels or exomes

Agricultural Genomics

Agricultural Genomics

Agricultural Genomics

Increased power for prediction

More data to increase accuracy of genomic prediction

Easy and cost-efficient set up

Easy to set up new species and customize to your specific populations or lines

One assay replacing all future high and low density assays

With genome-wide information, updates to new sets of variants can be completely software-based

More power for discovery

High imputation quality from low-pass sequencing enables high-powered genome-wide association and fine-mapping studies

Companion Animals Genomics

Companion Animals Genomics

Companion Animals Genomics

More power for discovery

High imputation quality from low-pass sequencing enables high-powered genome-wide association and fine-mapping studies

Easy to combine with targeted assays

Low-pass sequencing combined with customizable targeted panels enables diagnostic-quality variant calls in a cost-effective manner

Cost-effective setup

Easy to set up new species and customize to breeds of interest

Due to the large number of assays that we perform, each individual assay is optimized both operationally and for cost. Gencove's low-pass sequencing platform has allowed us to gather accurate genome-wide genetic data and oral microbiome data.

Prof. Eran Segal

Principal Investigator at Weizmann Institute of Science

What is Low-Pass

Gencove’s imputation and analysis platform returns over 99% accurate variant calls for every sample.

The components of a low-pass sequencing assay involve multiplexing large numbers of DNA samples in a single lane or run of a sequencer, sequencing them at a very low coverage (frequently starting at 0.4x), then performing genotype imputation to make genotype calls at all sites known to be polymorphic in the population.

Genotyping ArraysMeasuredLow-Pass SequencingMeasuredImputedTargeted Low-Pass SequencingMeasuredImputedTargeted SequencingWhole Genome SequencingMeasured



Enterprise ready solution

Gencove’s platform is scalable and fast to set up for your organization’s high-throughput genotyping and analysis programs.

Start with ready-to-run or custom pipelines

Choose an existing pipeline or work with Gencove’s scientists to optimize the platform for your application

Select the appropriate deployment model that fits your needs


From biological sample to data through our sequencing partners that have already integrated with Gencove


Set up the low-pass lab workflow in your lab and seamlessly use the Gencove imputation and analysis SaaS


Integrate Gencove directly with your existing systems or greenfield deployments

The only enterprise analytics platform for low-pass sequencing

Gencove is scalable, secure, and flexible. It's an end-to-end solution that enables your team to focus on valuable discoveries instead of the mechanics of large-scale genomic data analysis.


Gencove is cloud-native, meaning end-to-end analysis is done in the cloud


Rest assured Gencove is using industry-accepted best practices and frameworks


Gencove is HIPAA compliant and aligns itself with ISO27001 and SOC2


Fast analytics together with lightning-fast uploads and downloads through CLI tools


Share projects with colleagues across your organization


Integrate directly with our API for production-ready workloads


Private configurations and reference panels for custom populations can be made available


If you run into a snag, our team is there to help quickly and efficiently!

Why Gencove?

Software-first approach to industrial genomics


Gencove helped Neogen across its organization as follows:


weeks to set up a custom poultry imputation panel


samples processed in a day


genetic variants called at 99% accuracy

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