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Expert guidance in library preparation methods, and in the application of customer probes to targeted sequencing

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Custom probe design for target capture at critical sites

Access a lab team with extensive experience designing and selecting target capture probes for higher-fidelity analysis at key loci across many species, including humans, cattle, dogs, soybeans.

Combining low-pass WGS and target capture is a simple, cost-effective strategy that yields highly accurate genome-wide information from a single technology.

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Cost-effective and high-throughput library preparation methods

Choosing the right library prep method for your sequencing project is critical. The Gencove team has developed a range of library preparation methods in our quest for even greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in sequencing.

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Value we deliver

The Gencove platform provides a suite of tools for generation, analysis, and management of genetic data.

Flexibility and customization at industrial scale

Gencove streamlines a complex process to build an automated, cohesive and efficient flow of data

Unlock genetic data value

Maximize data quality and power for your budget and goals

Supercharge your team

Do more with less and bridge resource gaps by putting innovative tools in your teams hands

Live on the cutting edge

Stay at the forefront of innovation with an expert team that navigates an ever changing space for you

Own and control your data

Retain full autonomy and ownership of your data, to ensure privacy and control over its usage