Tomaz Berisa, CTO - Jul 04, 2021

Project-level permissions

tl;dr: users’ permissions can now be escalated on a per-project basis and auditing user access has become easier.

We’ve recently released an upgrade to Gencove’s permission system, which enables escalating permissions on a per-project basis. This is done by specifying a project-specific role in addition to the user’s organization role and can be done separately for each project in the organization.

For example, in a situation where the organization would like users to have view access to only a subset of projects, users with the Owner role in the organization would invite others to join the organization with the Member or Uploader role and assign project-specific Viewer roles as needed.

Assigning a project-level role

Auditing user access

We’re also aware that users needed the ability to easily audit user access across their organization for security and regulatory purposes. To that end, we’ve added an overview of user access to the Organization section for users with the Owner role. Of course, this is also available via our API for programmatic access.

Overview of organization users

Please refer to our documentation for more details about the Gencove permission system and, as always, let us know what you think.