Tomaz Berisa - Jun 18, 2024

A practical approach to “AI” in genomics

How we think about AI strategy and products, while attempting to separate utility from hype.

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Caitlin M Stewart, Jahan-Yar Parsa, Jeremiah Li - Mar 26, 2024

Low-pass whole genome sequencing from canine saliva on FTA cards: A story of samples to solutions

Sequencing projects come in many different forms. At Gencove, we’ve seen and supported a broad range of species and sample types. Occasionally, we receive projects that our partner service labs can't support using standard procedures, necessitating bespoke and innovative solutions.

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Joe Pickrell, CEO & Co-founder - Feb 21, 2024

What happens when genome sequencing data is ‘too cheap to meter’?

Effectively we are rapidly approaching a world where sequencing costs per se are irrelevant to companies looking to implement genetic testing at massive scale. The scientific implications of this are fun to consider, but it’s also worth thinking about the overall business implications.

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Joe Pickrell, CEO & Co-Founder - Dec 21, 2023

2023: Gencove’s Year in Review

As we close the book on 2023, the Gencove team was busier than ever in the pursuit our mission: a healthier and more sustainable civilization through the application of ubiquitous sequencing. Our work with our partners spanned species and populations, today we look back on a few key highlights.

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Jeremy Li, Director of Data Science - Sep 25, 2023

A deep dive into Explorer analysis cloud

At Gencove, we have repeatedly seen the complexity and insufficiency of existing tools limit research teams from fully unlocking the value of their genetic data. Gencove Explorer analysis cloud represents a full-stack solution that addresses the challenges that exist with currently data solutions, in a single integrated platform and with a minimal learning curve. In doing so, Explorer accelerates the rate at which scientists can answer critical biological questions, and furthers our goal of delivering insights that advance global health and sustainability.

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Gencove Team - Aug 10, 2023

Low-pass sequencing and imputation for evaluating genetic variation

Low-pass whole genome sequencing is an approach that strikes a balance between the cost-efficiency of microarrays and the broad genomics insights provided by high coverage WGS

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Angie Mosquera, Software Engineer - Mar 21, 2023

User-customizable project configurations

We are pleased to announce a new feature that allows users to customize project configurations on the Gencove platform and provides our users with greater control over their projects.

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Joe Pickrell, CEO - Jan 01, 2023

2022 Gencove year in review

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Zlatko Mašek - Nov 03, 2022

Importing samples from existing projects

Samples already on the Gencove platform can now be easily reprocessed using a different project configuration.

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Forest Dussault, Software Engineer - Nov 01, 2022

Processing deep sequencing data with the Gencove platform

To help move towards Gencove’s vision of ubiquitous sequencing, we’re happy to announce support for our deep whole genome sequencing (WGS) pipeline!

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Kristi Ashton, Head of Marketing - Jun 01, 2022

Gencove and Element Biosciences, Inc., Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Obtaining Genomic Information

To offer another option for scientists and companies seeking whole genome sequencing and analysis, Gencove evaluated the ability to process low-pass sequencing data derived from the AVITI™ System in two studies.

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Jesse Hoff, Agrigenomics Product Manager - May 12, 2022

Introducing InfiniSEEK - Low-pass Genotyping Plus Target Capture in One Assay

Whether it is genotyping a whole herd or building support for new species and breeds, at Gencove, we’re continually looking for ways to empower companies and scientists to discover more using sequencing. That’s why we’re excited to share the latest milestone in this pursuit with the launch of InfiniSEEK™– available now through NEOGEN.

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