Oliver Arnstein, Software Engineer - Jun 15, 2023

Increasing insight into subscription notification history

tl;dr: Gencove's web interface now allows users to see a detailed list of notifications sent by a subscription

Gencove’s tools enable users to establish project subscriptions, ensuring timely notifications for specific events. However, users were unable to see information regarding individual notifications sent through project subscriptions. With new updates, users of the Gencove web interface can now view a detailed list of every notification sent by a subscription, including information on response status and payload, to efficiently debug integrations.

How to view your notification history

To view the history of the notifications for one of your subscriptions, go to the “Manager subscriptions” page from your project, and click “View” on the subscription you want to see more about

Here, users can view their complete notification history, as well as their subscription information, and take actions such as testing and removing subscriptions.

Finally, select the notification that you want to see more details about. Here you can see information on notification date/time, response status, response message as well as being able to download the request payload:

More information on subscriptions is available in the Gencove documentation and, as always, let us know what you think.