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Genomics is critical for diverse and sustainable plant and animal breeding, especially as the climate and consumer preferences change. However, acquiring genomic information is challenging in one way or another. Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS), while complete, is costly and intensive, therefore entire populations are not typically sequenced leading to selection bias. Genotyping arrays are less expensive but only provide a tiny fraction of information hindering breakthrough discovery and predictive power.

We recognize that the universal application of genomic information will lead to a healthier and more sustainable world, which is why we develop high-volume, cost-effective genome sequencing products for you to get the insights you need to quickly go from DNA to trait selection.

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Complete, cost-effective and concordant





Accelerate breeding progress

  • Genomic selection
  • Marker-assisted breeding
  • QTL mapping
  • Parentage analysis
  • Breed or variety analysis
  • Embryo genotyping
  • Trait testing
  • Diagnostics

Achieve a competitive edge

  • Confidently select the best-in-breed
  • Increase the value of your population

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Focus on innovation instead of struggling with the mechanics of large-scale genomic projects



Automated library preparation

The first step is to prepare your population’s DNA samples at our partner labs. We provide the necessary low-pass sequencing library preparation protocols that are optimized for output and efficiency.


Low-pass sequencing

Working with our partners, the samples are sequenced then the data is uploaded to the Gencove platform.


Imputation and analysis

The Gencove platform compares the data to a set of fully sequenced genomes. This step, called imputation, results in millions of over 99% accurate variant calls for every sample. Together with our service partners, we can also offer advanced analytics depending on your needs.

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