Apr 15 - Apr 17, 2024 - Presenting

Bio-IT World Conference & Expo 2024

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Boston, MA

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Gencove CEO & co-founder, Joe Pickrell is presenting at this years Bio-IT World Conference & Expo on Monday April 15th at 9:10am. Join us to hear how Gencove is working with life sciences companies to accelerate R&D efforts across the drug development process

Genome Sequencing Driving Innovation in Target Discovery and Clinical Trials

Monday April 15th, 9:10am in Digital Biopharma Symposium

Genome sequencing is becoming more accessible and affordable than ever, presenting the opportunity for drug developers to leverage sequencing throughout the drug development cycle. However, significant technical and organizational challenges lie ahead in analyzing, managing, and extracting tangible value from this wealth of data to harness the full potential of genomics. Join Gencove's CEO, Dr. Joe Pickrell, as he delves into the transformative role of genomics in drug development and how cutting-edge genomic technologies are being applied across the entire drug development pipeline, from initial target discovery and validation through to the development of significant genomic assets through clinical trial participant genotyping. Learn how Gencove is supporting life sciences companies with integrated solutions to address these challenges and accelerate efforts across the drug development process.