AGBT General Meeting 2024

Feb 05 - Feb 08, 2024 - presenting

See you at AGBT 2024! Gencove's Dr Caitlin Stewart is presenting "A comparison between low-cost library preparation kits for low-coverage sequencing" on Tuesday February 6th, at 1:30pm. Get in touch to meet with Gencove CEO & co-founder, Joe Pickrell in Orlando.

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Plant & Animal Genome Conference 2024 (PAG 31)

Jan 12 - Jan 17, 2024 - exhibiting

We're hosting a session at PAG 31, From samples to solutions: End-to-end genomic applications in agriculture on Tuesday January 16th, 1:30pm-3:40pm in Pacific D. Join us as we discuss real-world approaches that bridge affordability, accuracy, and advanced insights in modern plant and animal genotyping.

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Genomics Unmuted: A Harmonized Public Resource of Deeply Sequenced Diverse Human Genomes

Dec 05 - Dec 05, 2023 - presenting

In this session, Mary T. Yohannes and Zan Koenig from the Broad Institute discuss their recent work on the harmonization of the Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP) and the 1000 Genomes Project (1kGP) datasets. They highlight how this combination has led to significant advancements in understanding global genetic diversity, how it can benefit the study of underrepresented populations, and the cataloging of millions of new genetic variants. Additionally, Jeremy Li, Director of Data Science at Gencove, presents an analysis of the combined HGDP and 1kGP reference panel and how it can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of low-pass whole genome imputation.

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American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual Meeting 2023

Nov 01 - Nov 05, 2023 - exhibiting

We're hosting a session on From samples to solutions: strategies for data generation, analysis, and management on Thursday November 2nd, 3:30pm-4:30pm in Room 144B. Join us for an exploration of real-world applications and success stories, as we share how Gencove's end-to-end platform is transforming the landscape of genomic data generation, analysis, and management.

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Genomics Unmuted: Transforming Genetic Data Management and Utilization with Explorer Analysis Cloud

Sep 26 - Sep 26, 2023 - presenting

In this webinar Gencove's Head of Product, Geoff Benton dives into how Explorer empowering data science teams and reshaping the landscape of genetic data analytics and management.

At Gencove, we have repeatedly seen the complexity and insufficiency of existing tools limit research teams from fully unlocking the value of their genetic data. Gencove Explorer analysis cloud represents a full-stack solution that addresses the challenges that exist with currently data solutions, in a single integrated platform and with a minimal learning curve. In doing so, Explorer accelerates the rate at which scientists can answer critical biological questions, and furthers our goal of delivering insights that advance global health and sustainability.

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Genomics Unmuted: Providing Newfound Resolution into Complex Human Phenotypes with GWAS and PRS-PheWAS

Aug 23 - Aug 23, 2023 - attendee

Genome-Wide-Association Studies (GWAS) require large-scale cohorts with both phenotype and genetic sequencing data, which has limited studied phenotypes. In this session, Zachary Levine from the Weizmann Institute of Science will delve into the outcomes of their GWAS and PRS-PheWAS involving 727 clinical phenotypes and 4,045 molecular features from the Human Phenotype Project. Join us to learn more about previously unlinked clinical traits and the study's utilization of low-pass whole genome sequencing, which has brought forth fresh insights into the intricate genetic architecture governing complex human phenotypes

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Genomics Unmuted: Unlocking the Future of Sequencing in Agriculture

Jun 07 - Jun 07, 2023 - attendee

The Element AVITI System and Gencove's analytics platform are the perfect pair for cost-effective and comprehensive genotyping of crops and livestock. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Meredith Ashby PhD, Element Biosciences and Jesse Hoff, Gencove as they explore solutions that bring affordable sequencing to benefit agriculture.

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Genomics Unmuted: How TMG identified resistance to soybean cyst nematode

Mar 08 - Mar 08, 2023 - attendee

How Dr. João Vitor Maldonado dos Santos and his team at TMG used Gencove’s low-pass sequencing platform to map resistance to soybean cyst nematode, one of the most economically damaging pests in soybean.

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Genomics Unmuted: The science behind the identification of the Golden State Killer

Feb 23 - Feb 23, 2023 - attendee

Learn how Barbara Rae-Venter uses a suite of genetic genealogy tools in her pioneering work reviving cold cases showcased in her new book, I Know Who You Are.

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Plant and Animal Genome Conference 2023

Jan 13 - Jan 17, 2023 - exhibiting

We're hosting a symposium "Sequencing as the foundation of modern plant and animal genotyping" on January 17th at 1:30 PM in the room Pacific D. Confirmed speakers include Elinor Karlsson from the Broad Institute, Justin Buchanan from the JR Simplot Company, JR Tait of Neogen Corporation, and João Vitor Maldonado from TMG Genetics.

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International Symposium on Genetics in Aquaculture

Nov 27 - Dec 02, 2022 - attendee

ISGA's goal is to share the latest information about genetics and genomics to increase the efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture.

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Association of Molecular Pathology (AMP) Annual Meeting and Expo

Nov 02 - Nov 05, 2022 - exhibiting

AMP is the leading organization in the field of molecular diagnostics, and our annual meeting is widely considered the premier gathering of molecular professionals. Gencove can be found at booth 907. We also have a poster presentation at the event.

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