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International Symposium on Genetics in Aquaculture

Nov 27 - Dec 02, 2022 - attendee

ISGA's goal is to share the latest information about genetics and genomics to increase the efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture.

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Association of Molecular Pathology (AMP) Annual Meeting and Expo

Nov 02 - Nov 05, 2022 - exhibiting

AMP is the leading organization in the field of molecular diagnostics, and our annual meeting is widely considered the premier gathering of molecular professionals. Gencove can be found at booth 907. We also have a poster presentation at the event.

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American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual Conference

Oct 25 - Oct 29, 2022 - exhibiting

ASHG is the world’s largest community of human genetics professionals and we look forward to meeting you in booth 1908. We will highlight how the Gencove platform is helping to make genomic information ubiquitous.

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Plant Genomics & Gene Editing Congress

Oct 24 - Oct 25, 2022 - attendee

This congress will explore novel strategies and developments in plant genomics and gene editing. We look forward to introducing Gencove’s low-pass whole genome sequencing and analysis platform to you.

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Oct 11 - Oct 13, 2022 - exhibiting

To improve food security and advance agricultural sustainability, it is vital to leverage innovative technologies. We're looking forward to sharing how Gencove's low-pass whole genome sequencing software and analysis platform can deliver the genomic information necessary to help feed our growing population and preserve global ecosystems.

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International Conference on Newborn Sequencing

Oct 04 - Oct 05, 2022 - attendee

Gencove will be at the inaugural ICoNS. Meet us and discuss our high-throughput, cost-effective low-pass whole genome sequencing and analysis platform.

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Genomics Unmuted: Psomagen and Gencove show how to get cost-effective WGS

Sep 28 - Sep 28, 2022 - presenting

Many in the genomics industry are developing technologies to drive down the cost of whole genome sequencing. Gencove has developed a software solution that delivers high-throughput, cost-effective whole genome sequencing data and analysis. Learn how.

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Genomics Unmuted: Dr. Joe Pickrell and Dr. Tomaz Berisa introduce Gencove

Sep 22 - Sep 22, 2022 - presenting

Gencove's low-pass whole genome sequencing and proprietary software-as-a-service computation layer delivers high-quality variant calls to help develop life-saving therapeutics or accelerate breeding programs to improve our global food supply.

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Genomics Unmuted: Dr. Ellie Armstrong discusses the genomics of captive tigers

Sep 16 - Sep 16, 2022 - presenting

Dr. Ellie Armstrong, a Postdoctoral Fellow at Washington State University, discusses her range-wide assessments for both tigers and lions, in addition to profiles of individuals in captivity for tigers, most recently popularized by the Netflix drama ‘Tiger King’.

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AGBT - Precision Health

Sep 08 - Sep 10, 2022 - attendee

This conference focuses on the technologies, implementation, and major research breakthroughs in precision medicine. We invite you to meet with our CCO, Josh Mann and Geoff Benton our Head of Product at the event.

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Genomics Unmuted: Element Biosciences and Gencove talk lpWGS applications

Aug 25 - Aug 25, 2022 - presenting

Dr. Shawn Levy, SVP of Applications & Scientific Affairs at Element Biosciences, and Dr. Joe Pickrell, Co-founder, and CEO of Gencove discuss how new and disruptive DNA sequencing platforms have the potential to revolutionize access to genomic information globally.

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Genomics Unmuted: BGI and Gencove discuss data published in Genome Research

Jul 29 - Jul 29, 2022 - presenting

See the published data comparing the BGI DNBSEQ and Gencove’s low-pass whole genome sequencing and imputation platform to other ways to obtain genomic information

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