Utilizing a multiomics approach for new insight into ancestry effects on genetic immune responses


How the powerful combination of low pass whole genome sequencing (LPWGS) and single-cell sequencing can power new insights in evolutionary immunogenomics.

In this short, educational webinar, Dr. Luis Barreiro, principal investigator of the Barreiro lab at the University of Chicago, will present a summary of the paper, “Genetic ancestry effects on the response to viral infection are pervasive but cell type specific”, published in Science. Dr. Barreiro will discuss how he used a combination of sequencing services provided by BGI to uncover the molecular mechanisms that underpin differences in immune responses.

Dr. Joseph Pickrell, CEO of Gencove, will then drill down into how Gencove and BGI’s combined low-pass whole genome sequencing (LPWGS) and imputation service, which was used in the study, reduce population biases and enable powerful downstream analysis.