Jeremy Li - Mar 23, 2023

An evaluation of imputation accuracy in a recently released open-access genomic dataset using low-pass sequencing

In this blog post, we describe some imputation performance benchmarks for a recently released haplotype reference panel from the Martin Lab comprising haplotypes from high-depth sequence data from the 1000 Genomes project and the Human Genome Diversity Project and compare them against corresponding benchmarks for the New York Genome Center's resequencing effort of the 1000 Genomes project.

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Josh Setton, Head of Sales - Jun 09, 2022

Three Ways Gencove’s Low-Pass Whole Genome Sequencing is Modernizing the Drug Discovery Process

Pharmaceutical companies use Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) in their drug discovery and development process. However, R&D teams still need a comprehensive view of genomic variation outside the exome. Historically, the only way to augment WES was with arrays, but now pharma companies have an alternative - low-pass whole genome sequencing.

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